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The Covid-19 situation within the South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote)

Join the efforts to beat the coronavirus a​nd take the vaccine. Each vaccination takes us closer to the end of the pandemic. Read more here!

Foreign citizens to be vaccinated in Finland

An mRNA vaccine can be administered to persons who live in Finland or will stay in Finland for a lengthy period of time, when they have not previously received any COVID-19 vaccinations or have received 1–2 vaccinations abroad (e.g., an mRNA vaccine or Sputnik).

  • A lengthy period of time means: the person will stay in the Eksote area for several months or will visit the region regularly (almost weekly or monthly) or can be shown to own a property in the region. Tourists will not be vaccinated.
  • Transit travelers (persons travelling through Finland) will not be vaccinated.
  • The person to be vaccinated must have a Finnish personal identity code or a temporary personal identity code.
  • If the person does not have a Finnish personal identity code, he or she must visit the closest healthcare or well being centre to receive a temporary personal identity code. A passport and an insurance certificate or a European Health Insurance Card is required.
  • The person to be vaccinated must present an official document of any previously received vaccinations at the vaccination point.
  • Persons who have received three vaccinations abroad can be administered a fourth vaccination if they have a severe immune deficiency (a document must be presented of the condition) or is over 80 years old or is an elderly person under 80 years of age whose health and functional capacity have reduced so that even a minor infection could lead to hospitalisation.  

Covid-19 general information

The symptoms of the coronavirus disease include a headache, changes in the sense of taste and smell, a runny or congested nose, a cough, shortness of breath, lack of energy or tiredness, muscle pain, a sore or rough ​throat, a fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Contact your occupational healthcare service provider if you develop symptoms, especially if you have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Eksote’s coronavirus vaccination advising and appointment service is open from Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. To contact the service, please call +358 5 352 2355.

If you suspect that you have contracted COVID-19 or have become exposed to COVID-19:

1) Fill in an electronic symptoms assessment in the Omaolo service or call a wellbeing and healthcare centre (Mon-Fri +358 5 352 7260 at 7:00–20:00) or, outside office hours, the Medical Helpline 116 117 (press 2, if your matter concerns COVID-19).

2) From the Omaolo service, you will be directed to Eksote’s COVID-19 test booking service, where required, or a nurse will assess your need to see a doctor and/or have yourself tested for COVID-19 on the phone.

3) The COVID-19 test should be taken 1–2 days from the moment the symptoms started. An appointment is required for the testing.

Persons whose symptoms are mild and have received two doses of the vaccine no longer need to have themselves tested for COVID-19, unless they belong to a group that must still be tested.

Also remember the basic instructions to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Ensure good hand and coughing hygiene.
  • Wearing a mask is recommended.
  • Avoid large gatherings.

To contact Eksote and book a COVID-19 test 

You can either fill in an electronic symptoms assessment and book a COVID-19 test appointment through the Omaolo service or call the wellbeing and/or healthcare centre nearest to you (+358 5 352 7260 7:00–20:00 or, outside office hours, the Medical Helpline 116 117 (press 1, if your matter concerns COVID-19)) to have yourself tested for COVID-19. A nurse will assess your need to see a doctor and/or have yourself tested for COVID-19 on the phone. The COVID-19 test should be taken 1–2 days from the moment the symptoms started.

The Omaolo service can be used to book a COVID-19 test for adults and under 15-year-old children, when a guardian uses the service on their behalf.

Our COVID-19 testing points are subject to an appointment. To avoid overcrowding and queuing, please arrive to the test promptly at the booked time – do not arrive early.

In Lappeenranta, the testing point is located in a temporary testing facility in front of the lower parking area of the Armila healthcare centre. Follow the signposts!
In Imatra, the testing point is located inside the Honkaharju healthcare centre; follow the signposts.

A face mask must be worn and hygiene instructions followed at the testing point. There are masks available in the vestibule of the testing point, if you do not have one with you.

The results of the COVID-19 test: If your COVID-19 test result is negative, you will be informed of this by an automated text message roughly two days after the test. The same text will be sent to all persons, whose test result is negative and whose telephone number has been entered into the patient information system.

If the test result is positive, you will receive a phone call.

Have yourself vaccinated!

You can have yourself vaccinated against COVID-19 in Lappeenranta or Imatra without an appointment. Alternatively, you can book a time by calling +358 5 352 2355 (the service is provided in Finnish and in English) or, if you have the credentials of a Finnish bank, by using the electronic service (https://oma.hyvis.fi/login).

Persons who are 16 years old or younger can book an appointment by calling +358 5 352 2355 or by arriving at a vaccination point without an appointment.

Vaccinations are administered without an appointment as follows:

  • IsoKristiina in Lappeenranta: on weekdays 9:00–14:30.
  • ToriGalleria in Imatra: on weekdays at 13:00–16:00

Remember to bring a Finnish ID or a temporary personal identity code, if you have one, with you.

Have youself vaccinated, wear a face mask, keep your hands clean and have youself tested where required
How to fight Corona virus
THL: Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus

Covid-19 press releases in English

The number of COVID-19 cases remains at an evenly high level throughout South Karelia (April 5, 2022)

Se​rvices provided by Eksote

Eksote has reduced non-urgent help in all health care- and social services areas. 
Social- and health care services will primarily be contacted by phone.
Eksote reminds that it is not allowed to go to any appointment or reception, if you feel to have any signs of flu of symptoms of infection.  ​


Tietoa koronaviruksesta eri kielillä / Coronavirus information in different languages (HUS)​

Maahanmuuttajat tarvitsevat tietoa koronaviruksesta / Immigrants need information regarding the Coronavirus (HUS)​

This page has links to reliable information released by Finnish authorities on coronavirus and its effects in Finland. (InfoFinland)

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